What is Unite?

Unite is a Christian praise and worship night started by the youth among the Chinese churches of Winnipeg. It began in July 1999 and has grown, having a total of over 20 Unites to date with one every few months. Our desire is to expand Unite and invite other churches to our event.

Unite's purpose is to share the gospel and motivate Christians. We wish to lift the name of Jesus Christ and raise up a generation of people on fire for God through testimonies, skits, and music.

There is a Christian song in which one line reads "I know we can reach our generation." There has come a point where us, the youth, have realized the importance of reaching our own generation. We believe that through Unite we can help churches achieve this goal. Unite is not meant to rival churches, but rather to aid our common goal or raising up young disciples.

Questions, comments?

If you have any questions, comments or would like to be involved with Unite please email us at unite204@gmail.com